La Fornitrice srl is an experienced ship supplier with more than 30 years of activity focused on technical products for engine, deck and cabin.
Based in Trieste, it operates in all north Adriatic ports.

Our brands

Centrifuges & Separation Equipment

La Fornitrice srl is dealer of GEA Marine separation equipment.
The centrifugal separators from GEA specialize in the purification of fuel and lube oil as well as bilge water treatment and sludge removal in marine applications. With their high g-force, the separators reliably guarantee high performance and economic operation of ship engines, and boost their service life even under extreme conditions.

Manual cleaning separators with solid-wall bowl and single centripetal pump are today used mostly for the treatment of diesel oil and lube oil on smaller ships. They are suitable for clarifying or purifying oils with a low solids content of up to 0.01 percent by vol.

Genuine spare parts

Spare parts for all type of centrifuges and separators, available from stock or upon request.

At the Customer's request or following a survey on board, original standard spare parts can be delivered immediately.

Distrust the eventual similar apperence which can hide a great quality difference, such as to involve the efficiency of equipments.

Special applications

OTC 2 separator on caddy.

Installation on board and maintenance

On request, a specialized technician is sent on board immediately, to carry out the necessary inspection in order to ascertain the condition of the installationand to determine any necessary work required to guarantee the efficient operation of the equipments.

Marine Cathodic Protection

During its 50-year experience in cathodic protection, E. Polipodio has been able to collect data and specific experiences that have allowed the company to go through all the aspects linked to the corrosion of metallic surfaces in contact with salt water.

Hull Anodes:

Zinc alloy Anodes Welding Type
Zinc alloy Anodes Bolted Type
Aluminium alloy Anodes Welding Type
Aluminium alloy Anodes Bolted Type

Magnesium Anodes:

Tanks Anodes
Zinc alloy Anodes
Aluminium alloy Anodes
Zinc Rods, Plates and Disks

Marine Ropes

Mooring/towing ropes

Is a composite rope of a new generation formed by high-tenacity PP split tape in combination with PES fibre. Thanks to PES fibre on the surface of individual strands, the rope gains an improved abrasion resistance on rough surfaces and edges during its entire service life. The rope is permanently floatable on water and retains its strength even in wet conditions. Yes as required by the customer.

Polypropylene ropes

This type of rope is characterised by an average abrasion resistance, good strength and good UV radiation resistance.

Polypropylene multifilament ropes

This type of rope stands out for its high strength, high abrasion resistance and very good knotability. This rope also has excellent UV resistance. Thanks to its technical parameters and price, it can be an excellent replacement for more expensive polyester or polyamide rope.


POLYS is a high-strength material based on polyolefin. It is characterized by
very good strength and high abrasion resistance. Standard POLYS is highly UV resistant.

Polyamide ropes

Polyamide ropes excel in absorbing energy, They have high strength and are highly resistant to abrasion.

Polyester ropes

Polyester ropes are characterised by their high resistant to weather conditions, good strength and abrasion resistance. In comparison with polyamide ropes, they are flexible and soft even when wet.


Spare Parts for Ship Engines                 

  • Yanmar
  • SKL
  • Daihatsu
  • Nohab Polar
  • SWD-Stork


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