Vikoma Mini-Vac System La Fornitirce srl has delivered to Zadar County (Croatia) a range of OSR equipment for purpose of Project HAZADR and Cross Border Cooperation Adriatic IPA.

The supply included  one Komara 30 Duplex Skimmer System, Delta Skimmer System and  500 m of Inflatable Booms Vikoma Sentinel 600 PUA.  


The Komara 30 Duplex Skimmer System consist of a skimmer, a diesel power pack, hydraulically driven positive displacement transfer pump and a site hose kit. The skimmer uses four independent banks of oleophilic  discs which can be interchanged with brushes (Duplex). The system can has an oil recovery rate of up to 30 m3/h, combined with a very low free water pickup (less than 2%).

Komara 30 Brush/Disc skimmer and Powerpack GP-20E

Vikoma Mini-Vac System

Deployment of Sentinel 600  Boom


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