Vikoma Super HI Sprint Vikoma has recently developed a new boom, the Super Hi Sprint Boom, which is the fastest containment boom to deploy on the market, taking less than 20 minute to deploy 300m. In addition to the rapid deployment time, the recent product developments have also improved the operational characteristics as well as enhanced safety features. Super HI Sprint Boom inflates from the reel end, allowing deployment from just one vessel on route to a spill location. It needs just two people and one small additional vessel, to manoeuvre the boom into its containment formation at the spill site.


With less operators and less personnel working between the reel and the water, Super HI Sprint System provides substantial cost savings as well as safety benefits. The new valve design and deflation system enables recovery to be easier, quicker and safer. These new valves and deflation devices have reduced the recovery time for a 300m boom system to under 30 minutes. With these latest developments Super HI Sprint will save operators time and money when responding to spills and also when used for training, demonstrations and exercises.

Vikoma Super HI Sprint


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